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"ANOTHER DAY WITH MY DRESS"/BRIDALS Most brides love their dress and would love to get back into it! It's about brides getting back into their dresses for pictures (and if game, of course, GROOMS in their tuxes)! I think sometimes the wedding day is so rushed that you don't get to enjoy the pictures let alone, even sometimes, the actual day! Your feet hurt, you have to greet all 475 family members that you don't know, and it just goes so fast. I think most brides want to get back in their dress! Since most brides only get to wear their dress for one day, why not create another day! What a great gift to your wife, daughter, friend, or even yourself! Think about pictures with your best girlfriends all in your dresess together! A unique experience to give you another day in your dress!

Hair and makeup servives can be requested as part of your package!

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