Anivile Daniel Photography | Ballet Series "The Muses" Part IV

PART IV!!!! My vision was to evoke a haunting beauty. The bare trees, the setting sun, and beautiful dancers intertwined completely inspired me. It was awesome.

I also wanted to shoot in the dark, very dramatically lit, beautiful lanterns, long flowy dresses.....more to come!!! It was a fairy tale.

So many awesome additions to this series. Along with some beautiful new faces, Adam Brockway of Adam Brockway Photography collaborated on this shoot. Adam always brings his awesome perspective to the scene. This shoot was no different.

One of the great things about working with Adam, is that our styles are so different, we can't help but learn from each other by seeing things in a different way. Our plan was to shoot the same thing, trade off on lighting, shooting, and staging with the intent to learn to see things differently while we let our creative side free! He also brought some great, creative lighting to this shoot (coming also in series V). (Don't worry, you'll get to see Adam's perspective and work in action too! It's coming!)

I'm still so excited by this series and can't see where this journey takes all of us. Continued thanks to everyone involved with this project. I am so inspired, thankful, and blessed to be doing what I love and sharing it with you. Part V is on the way soon! Stay tuned!