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They say life rarely turns out how you plan it. I have to say becoming a professional photographer was never a plan in my life. In fact very little in my life turned out how I thought it would! My brilliant acting coach once said, "You have to surrender." She was right, sometimes we have to stop trying to control the way we think things should be and embrace the way life unfolds in front of our eyes. This business truly evolved from capturing my inspirations in life as a passion, to a growing business. It's true, when you find the things you love, you never feel like you're "working." It's been an amazing realization that everything I've done in my life has lead up to this! God must have known that each step was heading this way. I am not only a photographer, but a musician, a sketch artist, a DANCER, a teacher, a counselor, and an actress. I spent 13 years working in child care which was the start of my inspiration. Kids and infants are some of the most beautiful beings in existence. Never will you see truer peace, laughter, and smiles! Each avenue lends itself to my work in photography!

Photography has opened my eyes to my surroundings in a way that I never could have believed. The colors we over look, or the crooked doorway that is the perfect backdrop for an intimate moment are things that are a part of my every day. Every single day I find inspiration in the world around me. I am excited to bring YOU to these special inspirations! I find excitement every time someone completes my vision.

KIDS I like to bring the kids where THEY are inspired! It might be a park or playground, or splashing in a stream! Kids and infants have always been my favorite inspiration. It's where it all started! While working in a day care center for many years, my co-teacher inspired me to start taking pictures....from then on it truly has been history in the making.

NEWBORN AND PREGNANCY shoots are done in the comfort of your own home, location of your choice, or even right in the hospital. I bring lights and sets right to your home. All cloths and swaddles are washed in Dreft the night before your shoot. A heater and white noise can be used to keep your newborn comfortable. "Snack breaks" and naps are expected and never a problem. It is recommended that newborn shoots or hospital shoots are discussed before birth. I am more than happy to catch the first days of life with your baby!

COUPLES/ENGAGEMENT/FAMILY Love is always an inspiration! Seeing the glow between people is one of God's most beautiful gifts! Pick a location that means something special to you or consult with me for some beautiful backdrops!

SENIOR PORTRAITS/PROM It's time to celebrate! It's about capturing the essence of who you are so that in years to come, your classmates can look back and see the real YOU!!! Please consult on due dates and prom dates ahead of time so a time slot can be booked around your special event!

BRIDALS/"ANOTHER DAY WITH MY DRESS" Most brides love their dress and would love to get back into it! It's about brides getting back into their dresses for pictures (and if game of course, GROOMS in their tuxes)! I think sometimes the wedding day is so rushed that you don't get to enjoy the pictures let alone, even sometimes, the actual day! Your feet hurt, you have to greet all 475 family members that you don't know, and it just goes so fast. I think most brides want to get back in their dress! Since most brides only get to wear their dress for one day, why not create another day! What a great gift to your wife, daughter, friend, or even yourself! Another day in your dress! Hair and makeup servives can be requested as part of your package!

ADVERTISING Let Anivile Daniel Photography consult on creative ways to showcase your business! I enjoy looking at your business from different perspectives! It pushes my creativity in new and exciting ways!

WEDDINGS At this time I only take a few weddings per year. If you'd like to book a wedding it is recommend that you consult early for availability. 2013 is booked and 2014 has just 3 slots left for the year. Package and Hourly rates are available. ALSO CHECK OUT THE BRIDAL/ANOTHER DAY IN MY DRESS SECTION!

OTHER OPTIONS Just about any type of shoot can be consulted on! Pets, food, landscape, and even cars! Feel free to ask about any options that you may be thinking of! Recently shot were COOKIES and CARS (separately of course)

Every shoot has is a unique experience! I believe in capturing the moment, the life in your world. It is a privilege to be a part of your moments. You create my inspiration. I love to take what you want in your photos and create around you! I consult with you before your shoot to see what ideas you have in mind before sharing some creative backdrops! The day of the shoot you are invited to bring personal items (I typically have many props to choose from as well), changes of clothing, and any thing else you hope to have in the shoot.

Someone, most recently, said it best each shoot I go on becomes an outlet for my craving to let my artistic creativity run free. I invite you to be a part of that creativity! I can't do it without you!

Portrait packages start at $150
Please call or write for a personal consultation.